Grower Profile

​Luigi Bucello

Luigi (Lou) Bucello chose farming over his job as a local bank manager, purchasing the property he farms today back in 1999. He grows both green and purple asparagus, with purple being available from mid October to mid December.

“Apart from working in the fresh air the thing that suits me most about farming is the flexible hours, which allows me to help my brother Roberto who has disabilities and attends a special school.

I also like growing purple asparagus, which I call ‘Magic Asparagus’ when explaining how sweet and juicy it is to kids and the way that it turns a bronze-green colour when cooked.

Good fresh Australian asparagus is tops! I can eat asparagus day in and day out – so much so that I freeze 3 boxes at the end of the season every year so I can still have some in winter. I blanch and chop asparagus before freezing it so I can easily add it to stir-fries and omelette for a quick meal. It is easy to steam or microwave frozen asparagus too,” says Luigi.